Friday, September 16, 2011

Illuminations From The Illustrator

How Do I Get My Picture Book Illustrated?
Part II

In August I wrote about the advisability of not getting your picture book illustrated (unless you are a writer/illustrator) if you are trying to get your book published traditionally.

What if tradition is not your thing? What if you are interested in self-publishing? The options for print or e-publishing your books are plentiful and expanding exponentially. There also many possibilities for getting your book illustrated. In this case you, the author, will need to research and contact the illustrator directly and go from there.

How do you find an illustrator? The web makes this easy. Google “children’s book illustrator” and see what comes up. Look through focused web sites such as the Children’s Book Insider and SCBWI for examples and ideas. Many times illustrators have posted examples of their work. If you have a college of art near you, call and talk to one of the professors. Perhaps there is an interested student looking for a project or a professor willing to consider extra credit for a student who wants to illustrate a picture book.

For the self-publishing author, finding an illustrator takes just as much research as finding a publisher. But the upside is that you retain ownership of the process that fired you up when you wrote your book in the first place. That’s a win-win all around.

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