Thursday, September 27, 2012

Writing Prompts Don't Have To Be Words

Alternative appearances: Lith Prints and Polaroid Transfer Images
I recently visited Marianne McKee's exhibit of 28 monochromatic prints at the Richmond Public Library. I had intended to pause briefly before each small photograph. But I found myself stopping for long minutes, drawn in by the ancient doorways, windswept moors and  craggy shorelines of the Hebrides, horses and sheep from the rural Virginia and  sculptures of bears, lions and rabbits enlivened by the intimacy of these delicate images.

Marianne has carefully manipulated the lith and Polaroid transfer processes for maximum effect, resulting in pictures that are evocative and haunting. I was drawn in, curious about the stories within  and just outside the frame of each photograph. Who took care of the sheep and cows, fed the cats, walked the hills, ran down to the ocean?

The inspiration for creating stories was unexpected and a delight. I was reminded that our muses come from anywhere and everywhere and sometimes our most powerful writing prompts are not the written word.

Marianne's work is at the Richmond Public Library- Dooley Hall, 101 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA from Sept 7 to Oct 2, 2012.

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