Friday, October 26, 2012

Lana's Halloween Book Picks

There are so many terrific Halloween books to choose from, but I'm going out on a spooky tree limb and sharing my favorites, one for the younger crowd, one for middle grades, and one for young adults.

I love And Then Comes Halloween, by Tom Brenner, because it captures the anticipation of Halloween, the feel of this time of year and all the sensory richness of October. The lovely lyrical language evokes all the things I love about Halloween.

It may seem odd, but my middle-grade pick is also a picture book. Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, by Adam Rex, is a hilarious book that had my 11-year-old daughter in stitches. The humor in this book is really more suitable for for the 8-years-old and up reader. You absolutely MUST read this aloud and sing the little ditties for maximum monstrous fun!

And now for young adult readers. I just finished Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys and I loved it! This book has just the right amount of spookiness for me, not so much gory or frightening as deliciously eerie. Not to mention the amazing characters, the skillful mood, and a plot that's good and twisty. Maggie is an incredible writer (have you read The Scorpio Races?) and this book shows it.

Happy Halloween reading!

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