Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Haiku by Deb Dudley

Although I have only embraced the idea of being a writer for a few years, I have always found comfort in the written word. I enjoy all forms of writing and deeply respect my fellow writers. Sometimes I grab one idea and twist it for months, and sometimes the words come in the form of a whisper. To be honest, writing haiku would not jump to the top of my 2013 resolutions, yet I’m not completely turned off to any style of writing. Up until 2011, I never considered haiku or creating anything related to September 11th. Yet on the 10th anniversary of that tragic day, I heard a whisper and I wrote it down. It is my only haiku. It's called Patriot Day. I don't foresee another haiku in my future, but only time will tell. My 2013 resolution is to write with an open heart and mind. Best of luck with your projects and resolutions in the new year.

May the words be with you.

Patriot Day

Leaves yet to descend

Four birds doomed by evil thoughts

Scar sleeping eagle

Originally published on Deb's website,   1/7/13

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