Monday, May 6, 2013

Who Taught You To Read?

by Chris Sorensen

I had a conversation this past week with one of my children that made me stop and think about how they learn to read.  Who teaches my children to read?  I would like to think I have added something positive to their life in this category, but the answer to the question is without a doubt my dear wife, their mother.

Then I thought about my own life growing up.  Who taught me to read?  And I got the same answer, my mother.  I took it one step further and had wonderful conversations with some friends and colleagues at work and almost without exception, everyone I talked to said they had learned to read from their mother.

Reading allows us to learn.  Learning gives us power.  I am so grateful that my mother gave me power.  Power to understand other people’s lives through the written word.  Power to think for myself as I read and ponder life’s questions and my purpose for being on this Earth.  Power to explore other worlds and to have the opportunity to entertain myself at just about any place or any time, as long as I have a book with me.  Thank you mom for giving me that power.

As we approach Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I hope you take time to appreciate the power that your mother instilled in you.  If your mother is still in your life, you can thank them with a note or a phone call for all the endless hours of lap time and picture books.  If your mother is not with you still, you can show your appreciation by picking up a book and continuing to grow the power she instilled in you so long ago.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, selfless, and dedicated woman out there who gave us so many powerful things to bless our life - including the power to read.

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  1. My answer is the same-- my mother. I remember many trips to the library. I remember many books in my home. I remember being read to and I remember seeing my mother read for pleasure. All of those things are every bit as important as phonetics. Hooray for all the awesome reading moms out there!