Monday, June 17, 2013

Preparing For A Novel Revision Retreat

by Hazel Buys
Big news: I'm going to a writers' conference! It's big news to me, anyway. No matter how many gatherings I go to, conference attendance is a major event in my writing life.
I'm not much of  a crowd person, so it takes a bit of energy. It also takes time from my writing (yep, I tell myself I would be using the time working on my novel, even if I weren't at the conference - LOL!). Actually, it's a novel revision retreat sponsored by the MidAtlantic SCBWI, at the Roslyn Conference Center in Richmond, VA.
In preparing for this retreat, I researched ideas on what to bring, what to ask, what to wear (a sweater, even in June - conference rooms can be cold), etc. It's amazing how much advice is out there!
It will surprise no one that one must-bring item is your pitch. Yep, even if you only have a first draft and you are undertaking major revisions, you should know enough about your novel to put together a pitch.
Fortunately, QueryTracker has a great post about pitches. The post is from 2009 but it's timeless. And, admit it, we can all use refreshers on writing pitches. Take a look:

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