Friday, February 10, 2012

Illuminations From The Illustrator

Recently I was tasked with writing a short piece on my ‘intention’ as an artist, as part of an application to exhibit in a gallery. It required a bit more contemplation than I had imagined it would. My first response was frustration – how do I explain myself as an artist? Why do I need to? This reaction was quickly followed by a groan of resignation (after all a statement of some kind was required). Then, lo and behold (and several cups of coffee later): enlightenment! I heard the echo of that ancient wisdom, ‘if I can explain to myself why I paint, then I can paint with more creativity and freedom.’ I realized that the same is true for my writing. If I can say, ‘this is my intent…’ clearly and lucidly, then my writing will be clearer, more focused and ultimately, more successful. Try writing a similar statement for your writing. Why do you write? What is your intent? Even if you think you already know, putting your intention into words can make a big difference in your writing life.

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