Friday, May 18, 2012

How To Get Published Without An Agent

Writer's Digest has an article entitled, "How to Sell Your Manuscript Without an Agent." In the article author Diane Kelly gives her real life strategies for landing a book deal without going through an agent. She outlines four main tactics:
1 Enter writing contests
2 Attend conferences
3 Volunteer at conferences
4 Build your platform.
I recommend reading the whole article for the details on each. However, the common theme for publishing success (with or without an agent) always comes back to building relationships. So in a nutshell: find ways to meet or make contact with editors, treat them respectfully and professionally, find out what they WANT to publsih, give them what they want. And if they give a rejection to your manuscript, thank them for their time and input and start over at step two. And remember, like Lana said in the previous post, "there are no failures, only rehearsals."

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