Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fall in Love

by Chris Sorensen

Maybe you live in a cave.  Maybe you have missed the endless barrage of marketing displays, television advertisements, and gentle hints from significant others that this week is a very special week because of a very special holiday. 

That’s right, Friday, February 15th is Singles Awareness Day.  For all those who did not get an edible chocolate card or a crème filled rose on Valentine’s Day, what better way to feel encouraged about life than to celebrate the fact again the very next day?!

Regardless of whether you are single and live in a cave, or happily attached to somebody and live in any number of possible man-made structures, you can celebrate life and love one of the best ways I know how (sans sweets), and that is by reading.

I personally take time this Valentine’s season to pause and share with the world my love of books.  I share my love for the written word and the great stories that are told that help inspire and educate, influence and seduce, and that help us understand what love, hate, joy, pain and life really are about.  Next to a faithful pet, books can be a person’s best friend.

So regardless of what you have planned this week – dinner with a loved one on Thursday or a revenge filled bonfire of former ex’s items on Friday - curl up with a good book and fall in love all over again!


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