Sunday, February 3, 2013

Illustrator's Corner: Things I Love

Some of the things I love are drawing, painting, writing and teaching. This year I have the wonderful opportunity to bring together several of these passions. In January, the inaugural "Fundamentals of Drawing I" class in the revised Certificate in Botanical Illustration program at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens ( launched, taught by yours truly. What a delight! Anyone can learn to draw because, like learning to walk, drawing requires mastery of a sequence of steps, tackled one at a time. One beautifully drawn line can describe many qualities, for example, both a shape and it's implied movement. The classic HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON by Crockett Johnson is one example. Imaginative Harold describes a night time's worth of adventure with one expressive, continuous line. Mastery of a deceptively simple concept, the pencil line, is a first step in learning to draw well. With determination, practice and experimentation, the student can build the skills to draw the beauty of a single flower or create entire worlds from thin air. Just ask Harold.

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